You will join the Audience Research department at NPO, the Dutch Public Broadcasting company, our department conducts research on Dutch TV, radio and online media consumption, both in terms of quantity and quality. Currently we have rearranged our viewer data in a new dataset, registering audience behavior and characteristics of the Dutch viewer panel (SKO) on a person-by-person, minute-by-minute basis spanning the last 20 years.

This new and groundbreaking dataset enables us to analyze patterns in, and drivers of, viewing behavior in a systematic fashion. You could be part of this new enterprise, which is a world’s first on this scale.



You are free to formulate your research question in consultation with NPO, but it needs to be relevant to our organization. Possible projects include:

  • Build a cluster model that segments TV viewers into coherent groups

  • Estimate the effect of TV promo campaigns on actual viewing

  • Which types of citizens are most difficult to reach, and how do we reach them (best) in terms of TV content?

  • Which Dutch citizens watch least current affairs programs, and how can we keep them informed?

  • Use automatic text analysis of subtitles to measure gender representation in talk shows

  • How does the view trajectory of a TV viewer differ from the online viewing behavior on NPO Start?

  • What is the effect of cross-platform promotion towards online and on demand viewing?

  • How does switching in/out during a live broadcast differ from the on demand viewing behavior?


You get an inside look at an applied research department aimed at increasing the societal relevance of a large public broadcaster. You will work with world class data on a state-of-the-art project. Normally, you'd be able to work at our office location in Hilversum (just 20 min out of Amsterdam, next to a train station).

Because of covid-19, we do not know the exact situation at the start of your internship, but we will provide you with the best possible working environment. You will have flexible working hours and we will provide you with practical, technical and statistical support. The start/end dates of the internship are negotiable.


To qualify for this internship you need solid quantitative statistical skills suitable to your project of interest and a pro-active attitude, experience in python and/or SQL is a plus.

We are open to both Dutch and English speaking students.

Werken bij NPO (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep)

Meer over dit bedrijf

NPO is open voor iedereen. Open, omdat wij geloven dat dit de basis is voor meer begrip. Begrip van zaken en begrip voor elkaar. Daar zet NPO zich voor in. Met content die nieuwsgierig maakt en prikkelt. Onafhankelijk van politiek en commercie. Omroepen en programmamakers zijn daarvan de bron, NPO verzorgt de programmering en distributie. Samen werken we continu aan vernieuwing en zoeken we de interactie met ons publiek. Op tv, radio, online en met events. Open, om 17 miljoen Nederlanders dichter tot elkaar te brengen.

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