Megha Soni, Data Science Intern bij RTL

Being an international student at Radboud University, the prospect of securing an internship felt daunting at first. Navigating through cultural differences, language barriers, and a new educational system added to the challenge. However, with determination and the right guidance, I embarked on a journey that turned out to be one of the most valuable experiences of my academic career.

Finding My Internship
The search for an internship began with uncertainty. I reached out to my professors, seeking advice and recommendations. Based on my interests, they not only provided guidance but also introduced me to industry contacts. One of these contacts was the head of Data and AI at RTL Nederland. A short, informal interview was scheduled, and I found myself discussing my interests and aspirations over Teams. The conversation flowed naturally, and I was soon offered an internship opportunity. This initial interaction set the tone for what was to come - a warm and welcoming environment that valued curiosity and initiative.

Learning and Growing at RTL
From the moment I joined RTL Nederland's Data Science team, I felt at ease. The team welcomed me warmly, with coffee invites and a tour of the premises, helping me get acquainted with the workspace and understand the company's culture. One of the best parts of my internship was the freedom to choose projects that genuinely interested me. Regular meetings and guidance from my supervisors helped me finish my project successfully. Team members were approachable, and their diverse perspectives enriched my understanding. Beyond my project, I got to attend cool tech events and “Women in AI” gala. These fun experiences expanded my network and introduced me to the latest in the field. I gained a range of skills, from technical proficiency in data science tools to soft skills like effective communication and teamwork. It was not just about completing a project; it was about growing as a professional. My positive experience led me to continue with RTL for my Master’s Thesis, a seamless transition that reflected the supportive and nurturing atmosphere I had enjoyed.

Tips for Students Seeking Internships
Leverage Academic Resources: Professors and study advisors can be excellent resources. They can provide guidance, recommend opportunities, and connect you with industry professionals.
Be Proactive: If you have a specific interest or a type of project you want to work on, don't hesitate to communicate this. Being clear about your interests can help you find a more tailored and fulfilling internship.
Explore Online Listings: Often, universities and organizations post available projects and internships on their websites. These listings can help you narrow down your options and find something that aligns with your career goals.

My internship at RTL Nederland was more than just a professional engagement; it was a journey of personal and professional growth. The lessons I learned and the relationships I built have left a lasting impact, shaping my path toward becoming a proficient data scientist. If you approach your internship with curiosity, openness, and determination, it can be an equally transformative experience for you.

Megha Soni - Data Science Intern @RTL
Publicatie datum: 03 juli 2024

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