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Bij: Smarthouse Commercials BV Vanaf: augustus 2018 Duur: Meer dan 3 maanden Voor: 40 uur per week Soort stage: Productie-Evenementen-Facility-Casting Opleidingsniveau: MBO/HBO Vergoeding: € 300,- bruto bij fulltime stage Afstudeeropdracht: Mogelijk Rijbewijs noodzakelijk English speaking

Smarthouse is looking for the perfect, hard working, do it all, independent production intern. Yep; a millennial with only the good stuff of the tales that go around about this generation.

Wat ga je doen?

The film set is your second nature, you know all the different homo sapiens by heart and know how to approach them. Freek Vonk, ain’t got nothing on you. Like a border collie you herd the unleashed extras to the right place, no fences needed when you’re around.

We are ahead of our shooting schedule (probably because of your positive energy). You hear the walkie cracking,, kgg.. kggg.. kggggggg and before the 1st ad can ask you if lunch can be served early, you already gave the answer. But most important, you know who’s the boss on set and you’ll charm this alfa by bringing the perfect laté-frapéchino-machiato, with milk from a unicorn imported from a different universe.

You’re always on the move, but you always move with grace. Cause stress is like pure nitro for your brain, right? If a rare moment appears where you suddenly have nothing to do, you grab your phone and like a semi-professional photographer you take some epic set pics and post them on our social media with smart ass captions. Because of your witty way of using words, humor and hashtags, we’ve become insta-famous since you joined the team.

That’s right. Creative and top notch organizing skills. You can do everything and if you can’t you will learn it instantly. Like a true millennial you suffer from severe FOMO, hence you are curious about all stages of the wonderful world of film / commercial making. You love being on set, but you make the real magic happen in the office. A pink one-man-submarine? No problemo. Setting of fireworks from a drone? Sure. A transport schedule for 38 people, of which 12 have a different call time, live in 9 different cities and somewhere we have to pick up a horse? Give me one minute.

And finally, you breath film, you use your cineville card more than your toothbrush, vomit film quotes like gilles de la tourette and your bff is Martin Scorsese. or Martin Koolhoven...

Oh and you need to have a drivers license! very important, how else are you going to catch the unicorn? 

Wat bieden wij?

Behind-the-scenes-experiences, delicious lunches, the Smartie-team and good vibes!

Oh, and you'll get the usual intern fee of E300,--

Herken jij jezelf in dit profiel?

You probably think: hey, that’s me! Send an email with a resumé, a bit of motivation, oh well: you know the drill.

Wie zijn wij?



We are married to feature films, but we fell in love with advertising. And like in real life, we don’t want to choose between the husband or the lover. Therefore Smarthouse develops, produces and distributes crossover feature films and arthouse commercials.


We believe in art in advertising in order to create advertising that resonates, triggers, or just simply makes you laugh. Why bother watching an ad if it’s bullshit? That’s why we aim to make aesthetic and engaging stories that are worth your time.

Commercial Arthouse

The feature films and docs we do are worth fighting for. There are already so many films out there, that we have to make a difference in the stories we bring to the world. Smarthouse films are crossover films that work internationally and are maker driven. Commercial arthouse! 'Cause if we would have to do another romcom, we’d rather do a commercial.

The Smarties

We are a team of dedicated film fanatics, creative designers and seasoned producers. We feed the creative ambitions of our directors to develop and visualise their stories and goals, in both advertising and cinema. Smarthouse is founded by Danielle Guirguis.

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Anouk Scheffens.

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